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Our mission is to help in the worldwide COVID-19 crisis particularly as it pertains to the ongoing crisis in Nigeria.

Sweet Sensation Food Security Intervention (SS FOSI) is a strategic response to COVID-19 in the area of food security, drawing on our strategic capabilities and leveraging the philanthropic spirit of the MD and CEO of Sweet Sensation, Mrs. Kehinde Kamson.

COVID-19, a deadly pandemic, has already wreaked health and economic havoc worldwide. It is evident that the impact on African economies, especially Nigeria, will be substantial.

A high percentage of Nigerians are casual or daily wage earners (with at least 45% of Nigerian’s being casual workers) and shutdown policies as well as the inevitable change in the business climate has rendered and will continue to render a high percentage of the population in Nigeria income less. Unfortunately, a high percentage of Nigerians will become food insecure and would require humanitarian assistance.

According to the World Food Program (WFP), COVID-19 will almost double the number of people facing food crises unless swift action is taken.

It has become evident that it is critical for our organisation to leverage its capabilities and existing food supply processes and chains in partnership with individuals and organisations to provide cooked meals and supplement the diets of as many of the underserved and vulnerable in our country as possible.

This initiative is consistent with the founder’s vision of accessible, available, affordable and high quality foods to society

Our goal is to provide 600,000 meals each month to the vulnerable and underserved in Nigeria through partnerships with organisations and individuals both inside and outside of Nigeria.

Sweet Sensation Food Security Intervention in partnership with Sweet Sensation Confectioneries Limited is uniquely equipped to contribute to closing this gap. We are known for:

Core Competency of Culinary Skills

Culinary capabilities are at the heart of what our organisation does. SS FOSI has been engaged in a number of programs of this nature and we have demonstrated our capability in delivering meals that are both appealing and nutritious to various target audiences; including children

Wide Geographical Reach at the heart of the impacted communities through existing infrastructure

With 25 restaurants and 25 fully functional kitchens across Lagos and Ogun State, we are afforded extensive representation in the local governments where there is critical mass. Outside of Lagos and Ogun State; we have reputable partners that we can collaborate with to achieve a wider reach across Nigeria.

Community Support & Partnerships

Within various communities, we have built connections with community heads; including local government leadership in a manner that has earned their trust and cooperation in a mode that will ensure that food intervention reaches those who are most at need.


We have had the benefit of participating in such food intervention programs in the past. We also bring with us the experience of the required government arrangements and controls, logistics and infrastructure needed to implement initiatives of this scale.

Partner with us to directly contribute to providing nutritious meals to the needy and suffering including children and women who are disproportionately impacted by the impact of this pandemic, starting in Lagos and Ogun state and then expanding to other parts of the country.

You can reach a member of our team using the contact form and we will be in touch.